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Digital X-Rays

Sometimes the true condition of your teeth cannot be determined by looking at the surface. Instead, your dental hygienist needs x-rays to tell them the health of your roots, gums and teeth. Dental x-rays take pictures of the bones, teeth and even soft tissue, allowing them to quickly diagnose cavities, gum disease and bone loss.

Partial Sedation Dentistry (Laughing Gas)

If you’ve been putting off dental work for years out of fear of pain, anxiety or embarrassment about the condition of your teeth, fear no more.

Our Healthplex sedation dentist, are specially trained and certified in sedation dentistry by the Dental Organization for Partial Sedation Dentistry. Partial Sedation dentistry is a safe, effective option for most dental patients. Our dentists are properly trained in partial sedation dentistry.

You can walk into the office with unsightly metal fillings, chipped, broken, stained or gapped teeth and walk out with the smile you’ve always wanted. Imagine simply taking a pill and having a comfortable, positive dental experience with multiple dental completed in just one or two visits.

Oral Surgery

As a full-service dental practice, Healthplex Dentists aims to minimize the stress, fear and uncertainty associated with surgical procedures by performing oral surgery right in our HealthPlex dentist’s office.

Oral surgery focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and defects of the mouth and dental structures. Oral surgery can apply to any treatment or procedure performed in the mouth that involves our Healthplex dentist repairing, extracting, re-aligning, removing, implanting, restoring or reducing pain resulting from issues with the teeth, gums, mouth or jaw.

Wisdom Teeth

While healthy and properly positioned wisdom teeth can be a valuable asset to your mouth, problems may develop that require their removal. Our professional Troy wisdom teeth dentist will work with you to determine the best course of action for your specific situation.