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Repair services

household items: fridge, oven and much more...

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  • Tina
    I usually dread going to the dentist’s office, but the welcoming environment of Healthplex Dental has completely changed my outlook. The front desk staff and hygienists are very friendly, and the doctors are patient, understanding and professional. I look forward to each visit!
  • - Lisa Gill
    I’ve been going to Dental Clinic for years and have always had top-notch care. My hygienist does a great job cleaning my teeth and my dentist is friendly and listens to any concerns I have. My teeth always feel spotless when I leave. Great experience. Friendly and attentive staff.
    - Lisa Gill
  • - Lily Milton
    Over the years my dentist has helped me overcome my fear of going to the dentist and fear of the pain. He is very patient, calming, takes time to explain things so I can understand them and has a sense of humor which helps me. I like my hygienist and the rest of my support staff.
    - Lily Milton
  • -George Turner
    Thank you so much for your wonderful and professional dental care. My last dentist retired and I was nervous about selecting my future dental care professionals. After selecting Dental Clinic, I feel compelled to send you a note to let you know how great my experience was.
    -George Turner

We specialize in repair ovens, cookers, dishwashers, washing machines and more


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Repair exemplary costs

Type of service Cost Time
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet $23 1 day
Consectetur adipisicing elit sed do $100 2 days
Eiusmod tempor incididunt labore $230 2 days
Dolore magna aliqua ut enim $76 4 hours
Minim veniam quis nostrud $10 2 hours

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